“I did a lot of surgeries doing past  few years, the whole body is very weak. So even a very little tiny things can make part of my body feel pain or uncomfortable. Every time when I cannot handle by myself, she always can give me very good suggestion, and it did help. She is my angel!”

Liu, T (Apr. 26, 2018)

” It was my first time to try acupuncture, I was suffering bad pain on my left hand around wrist for 3 months, until I found it start interfered my daily life. Only after 4 treatments with Michelle, the pain has got 90% relieved. I am glad I choose a good acupuncturist. Her practice is gentle and effective. I now feel more confident about acupuncture and will continue seeing her for maintaining my healthiness.”

Gu, Q (May. 2ed, 2018)

“Michelle is excellent!  Very knowledgeable about the body and it is evident that she cares very much for her patients and wants to help heal their bodies.  Her level of commitment to her patients is a breath of fresh air to see.  I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is suffering from pain or who wants a better quality of life.”

Love, P (Mar. 22, 2018)