Natural Herbal Remedies

100% Nature Herbal Tea Bags

1. Flu Defender Herbal Tea

Indications: Boost immunity, defend all seasonal flu, clear toxic heat.

2. Benefit Throat Herbal Tea

Indications: Cooling throat, clear heat, transforming phlegm.

3. Benefit Eyes Herbal Tea

Indications: Clear eyes, dispelling summer hear, cooling the body.

4. Comfort Stomach Herbal Tea

Indications: Harmonizing stomach, stopping vomiting and pain, healing stomach flu and food allergies.

5. No Hangover Herbal Tea

Indications: Transforming dampness, prevent drunkenness, and saving the over-drink.

6. Pressure Reliever Herbal Tea

Indications: Anchor liver yang rising, prevent high blood pressure, relieve tension headache.

7. Good Sleep Herbal Tea

Indications: Calm spirit, help relaxing and get ready for restful sleep.

8. Stop Bleeding Herbal Tea

Indications: Cooling blood, binding large intestine, stop hemorrhoids bleeding.

100% Nature Herbal Facial Powder Mask

1. Brightening Mask 

Effective Ancient Herbal Formula helps whitening and brightening your skin. Antioxidant function also puts your skin on the fast track to soft, smooth and glowing. Can be used for sunburn recovery, remove dark spots and pimples.

2. Anti-acne Mask

Anti-inflammation Chinese herbs works on your skin to give you deep cleaning, removing moderate dirt, blackheads and other turbidity. Minimize pores, get rid of pox, inhibit acne, repair and rejuvenation your skin.

Health care herbal supplements with each different of indications await your choice.

For complicated conditions, we prescribe customized herbal formula for your holistic healthiness improvement depends on most current diagnosis according to examination on your visit day.