Cosmetic Acupuncture with Facial Gua Sha 

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a safe, natural and effective alternative to help approaching younger looking while improving their overall health. It is a wise choice compared as Botox or plastic surgery with less risk, less expense and without the post-treatment downtime. Special points are selected on the face, scalp and along the hairline to lift and firm. The insertion of tiny intradermal needles within wrinkles and lines simulates micro trauma which stimulates Elastin and Collagen production. Facial acupuncture treatments increase the flow of Qi and blood ( Energy) circulation to the face while simultaneously correcting health imbalances in the body. Your internal state of health is reflected on your face. We also will combine body points to correct any health issues, reduce stress and promote well-being. If you feel good on the inside, you will look better on the outside!

Facial Gua Sha has an anti-aging effect. Gua Sha increases the collagen in the skin. It also irons away from the fine lines. Gua Sha scraping keeps moving the lymph and other fluids along with the blood. With such increased fluid movements, the skin tends to remain taut and firm. Facial Gua Sha does away with the puffiness of the face. Salty meals, or some allergy, puffs up the face (excessive crying also does that). With systematic facial Gua Sha, as all the toxins get flushed out, the outbreaks stop or reduce considerably. Facial Gua Sha reduces the effects of hyperpigmentation. The increased flow of blood brings in more nutrients and oxygen. The toxins are flushed out efficiently, and the skin tries to get back to its original color and texture. The eyes look more bright and lively. Since the skin around the eye are healthy and toned up and stretched too, the eyes get the necessary prominence and liveliness.

MD ProCell Micro-Channeling (Micro-Needling) 

Micro-Channeling is the practice that involves the insertion of fine micro-needles into the skin to enable rejuvenation or enhance the looks of the skin based off its healing reaction.  The process of micro-channeling helps increase the collagen production percentage up to 400 times the normal amount over a short series of treatments. Some observable benefits of the method include;

  • Scar Improvement. Micro-channeling reduces the look of scars from acne, surgery, or stretch marks by breaking down old tissue and fostering the development of healthier skin.
  • Reduction of facial lines and wrinkles by increasing the collagen and communication levels in the skin, micro channeling facilitates thicker, younger looking skin with minimal downtime.
  • Prevents aging signs. Micro-channeling, when combined with stem-cell derived human growth factors, keeps communication prevalent, allowing the prevention of future signs of aging from ever coming in.

These incredible benefits are what have led this procedure to become TOP in its industry. ProCell delivers the best result while also maintaining the safest technique and design, which allows these results to be achieved on all skin type during any season of year. Discover more here!

Eminence Organic Facial Treatment

Eminence facial is a multi-step treatment completed by an esthetician that supercharges your skin care. A facial can be a number of things! It can be a deep cleansing pore refining treatment, an anti-aging treat or an hour of relaxation to pamper yourself. It can be a customized skin care treatment to address the individual’s skin concerns, and range from a 20-30 minute peel or express facial, to a more luxurious 90 minute treatment. Please find more from our best Eminence Organic Facial Treatments to meet all kinds of skin concerns.

In fact, you can expect nine or more steps in a professional facial. Your facial is likely to include:

  1. Assessment: The esthetician learns about your current skin care routine and any concerns you have.
  2. Cleansing: The esthetician removes any makeup and surface buildup with a cleansing product such as a cleansing gel, oil or water.
  3. Skin Analysis: The esthetician takes a close look at your complexion, often using magnification, to identify your skin’s current state.
  4. Steaming: The esthetician often incorporates steam to soften pore congestion and assist with extractions, should you need them.
  5. Exfoliating: The esthetician applies an exfoliating treatment to remove the buildup of dead skin cells. Typically, this treatment will be of a higher concentration than exfoliants you use at home.
  6. Extraction: The esthetician performs extractions if needed, clearing away blackheads and whiteheads.
  7. Facial Massage: To relax the facial muscles and assist the skin with absorbing further products, the esthetician massages the face gently but thoroughly.
  8. Masking: One or more face masks are applied, each of which are carefully selected based on your skin assessment and analysis.
  9. Finishing: The esthetician completes the treatment with the appropriate finishing steps including toner, serums, moisturizers, eye care and SPF to condition and protect your skin from environmental stressors.

You will find that the esthetician will adjust these steps depending on your skin type or concerns. For example, should you be a sensitive skin type, they may not use steam. If you are not struggling with clogged pores, they may not perform extractions. If you have concerns about any step during a facial, don’t hesitate to ask the esthetician to explain their process.