Acupuncture is a major component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We use disposable only needles as hair thin at specific points (acupoints) on the body. To perform treatment, we begin with observation and taking medical history, check pulse and tongue, and physical examination. The organize of all the information to get diagnosis patterns, which will guide us to chose acupoints and perform different techniques of operating the needles.

Acupuncture is not only works on certain local area of the body, but also can regulate the energy flow­-Chi(Qi)-­in our body, according to meridians theory. The Chi flow is freely and balanced in healthy body, well disorders or diseases occur when there is imbalance or blockage within meridians. Acupuncture works to unblock the pathway and balance the energy by stimulating certain points along different meridians. That is how acupuncture treat the root of the problem.

Check Conditions we treat with Acupuncture

Chinese Herbs and Herbal Supplement

Chinese Herbs is another big part of TCM. Human being is an essential part of nature. The material from nature has been effectiveness proved in thousands of years practicing, must not be dismissed out of hand. We recommend or prescribe herbal formulas according to the specific diagnosis of each patient for performing the most effective treatment. Chinese herbs combine with acupuncture in certainconditions would be necessary to help you get rid of ailment not just treat your symptoms.


Cupping is the process of using one or more tempered glass cups to attach the skin surface by causing local congestion through the negative pressure. The cupping has the function of warming and promote the Chi flow along meridians, dispelling cold dampness, diminishing swellings and pains, lymhatic drainage, improving the immune system and much more. After cupping will leave a round mark on the skin that could normally disappears in a week depend on how much Chi blockage or stagnation you had. The cupping method is mainly used to treat Bi syndrome caused by wind dampness, such as pain of the low back, shoulders, and leg, gastrointestinal disorders such as stomachache, vomiting, and diarrhea, and the lung disease such as cough and asthma.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture is know as ear acupuncture, which based on the idea that ear is a microsystem that reflect the whole body. Ear is very neurologically active as it is very close to brain. Ear acupuncture is often to use treating drug addiction and cigarette addiction. It can be more effective to treat the whole body though and take Chinese herbs. Ear acupuncture combine with body acupuncture is also an effective way to help control appetite and loss weight.


Moxibustion, also called heat therapy, involves the burning of a cigar­shaped roll of moxa—an herb also known as mugwort, above the acupuncture point. Sometimes laying a slice of fresh ginger root, or some salt directly on the treatment site based on different conditions of each patient. Moxibustion results in a deep penetrating heat and subsequent pain relief. It is an extremely effective treatment for conditions of weakness and sensitivity to cold.

Tui Na

The term tui na (pronounced “twee naw”), which literally means “pinch and pull,” refers to a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapeutic massage and body work. Tui na is not generally used for pleasure and relaxation, but rather as a treatment to address specific patterns of disharmony.

We will combine 5-15 mins Tui Na techniques according to each patient’s conditions and need with no extra charge.


  • Initial consultation & Examination: $50
  • Acupuncture treatment Full session: $80
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture with Facial Gua Sha: $90
  • Eminence Organic Facial + Cosmetic Acupuncture with Facial Gua Sha: $150 ($40 saved)

(Monthly discount applied on Facial Service and Cosmetic Acupuncture)

Available as add-­ons:

  • Auricular Acupuncture: $20.00
  • Cupping: $30.00
  • Moxibustion: $30.00
  • Infra-red Body Wrap: $20
  • Herbal Supplement (TBD)

(Package available for Certian Combined Servises)